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Go Green Foundation is a foundation which has a very clear vision to inspire our youth culture concerned and motivated to act on behalf of global warming preservation. We had vision to aware an Individual, an officer, a housewife, a student, corporates, celebrities, sports person including all communities throughout India by our Green India Mission and educate, share, and help them to understand sustainability of our green environment which will bring about behavioural changes that will stimulate sustainability into communities in the real world. Our Vision is supporting every individual to make better choices to put us on a path toward a more sustainable future though the plants. We want our youth to get aware of our objective which is to promote personal behaviour alternatives to carbon-intense consumption and lifestyle habits, to provide young people a voice, and empower them to play a significant role in developing climate change solutions.

Our vision is to be the cost effective approach to all individuals, Residential Societies and companies globally to enable the planting of trees. Go Green Foundation wants to encourage and spread awareness of Green India while doing social good by planting trees. It's cost effective because we only request every individual to donate just "Rupee One". Our Moto is: "Ek Rupiya Zindagi Ka, Ek Vriksha Jeevan Daan".

Now Question is - Why trees? Because tree planting creates low-skill jobs, and trees provide benefit to current and future generations, have a direct impact on carbon reduction, restoring forests, improving wildlife habitats, and upgrading water catchment areas, and offer flowers, fruit fodder and fuel for local communities and all living creatures.


Our Motive is to inspire public of India their imaginations and creativity to understand the need of a more stable and sustainable planet. We have a motive to educate young people about our climate change, about global warming crisis increasing day by day and sustainable living practices. Our Mission is to empower our young generation to be a part of our Green India Revolution to bring positive change in their communities.


Is to spread Go Green India Revolution all over India as much as possible. To make it a habit in every youth and adult to "Support Tree Plantation" in their daily lives.